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Over the last decades, we have witnessed enormous development in the field of Information Technology, changes of which have significantly impacted our lives. Information Technology is currently playing an increasingly vital element in life, learning, teaching, research, and business in Higher Education. It aids in professional development activities, enhances students’ communication & learning facilities, faculty and staff experience, simplifies communication and collaboration, adds positive effects on the instructional process, empowers our daily lives, and inspires us in innovation. In this sense, the role of the IT & Communications Department at SHREE GANDHI SAKSHARTA MISSION is extremely important, as it is the basis for development and conducting work throughout all sections and departments of the Organization. At SHREE GANDHI SAKSHARTA MISSION, the use of Information Technology has grown tremendously across all activities in daily work over the past decade. Information Technology permeates every aspect of our academic and operational environments, beginning with the first contact students have with a organization website, to the administrative and learning systems that become part of the students’ daily lives.

The IT sector has emerged as a major global source of both growth and employment. IT Industry in the country has played a major role in placing India on the international map. The Indian IT Industry mainly comprises of instance System Integration, Software experiments, Custom Application Development and Maintenance (CADM), network services and IT Solutions. With the launching of “Digital India” initiative by the Government of India, the role of SHREE GANDHI SAKSHARTA MISSION is likely to grow substantially in the near future as the demand for IT services and is expected to rise rapidly. I am sure that our students will find a pathway to a bright future to close career or any professional with SHREE GANDHI SAKSHARTA MISSION. They also can get Enough knowledge to face any demand and challenges that an employer may have on them. I wish for their Great success and bright future and hope for their better Tomorrow. SHREE GANDHI SAKSHARTA MISSION is to rededicate itself on strengthening its services with complete fairness, transparency and objectivity with a view to ensure timely execution of projects.